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Love, love the comments about L.S. on NinetoNine Furniture and Design´s blog! 🙂

ninetonine blog

Some of you might remember that about 2 months ago we wrote about the beautiful blog L.S. Illustrated by Pia Ugarte (click here for a refresher)!

It didn’t take long for Pia’s incredible illustrations to garner tons of attention, and soon people were wondering how they could get a hold of her prints!

Now, we’re so proud to announce that the L.S. Illustrated online boutique is open for business on!

Each print is hand-drawn by the incredibly talented Pia Ugarte, and they are guaranteed to bring color and life to any space! They are the perfect way to welcome summer!

To see more prints, check out LS Illustrated’s blog right here, or go straight to her ETSY boutique to place an order!

If you like what she does, but have something specific in mind, you can always contact her and commission her do to a personal…

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NEWS: Four Eyes — Puzzlepop From the L.S. Boutique!

One thing that I really wanted to make sure when I opened up my Etsy store, is that I wanted to give people work nice enough to put up on their walls.

Having said that, a piece of art, may it be a Warhol or a movie poster, adds the character to your space, and if you are paying for something and putting it up on your wall, you better be dang sure that you LOVE it, and  most of all want to keep it there for a long period of time! Afterall, you are seeing it everyday right? That is where I thought I could step in!

I thought…well, how can I make a piece of art versatile enough so the person who has it doesn’t get tired of it after a few months? and how do I create something that lets the owner feel that they were part of the process?

So I created Four Eyes The first of my Puzzlepop designs. Four Eyes is basically four separate prints made to be hung together. The prints are already made, but it is up to the owner where, and most importantly how to hang them. Together, separate, vertical, horizontal, whatever! Then, if you want something new, switch them around! 🙂

I really have an affinity for this piece because, although the prints are digital and can be re-produced, the one who hangs it decides the unique way it is displayed!

You better be sure that I am going to do a few more of these! 🙂

Here are a few combinations that I thought of! What are yours? 

You can purchase “Four Eyes” buy visiting my Etsy store at or go directly to the print by clicking HERE

Have an puzzlepop idea or request? Email me at

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NEWS: L.S. Illustrated’s Online Boutique is OPEN

Happy weekend everyone!!

I would just like to announce that the L.S. Illustrated online boutique is now OPEN on!

I will be selling a few prints featured and liked the most on my blog as well as a few more pop art pieces!

Each print is printed on high quality matte paper and are 23.4 x 16.5in in size

Check out the boutique by clicking on this link:

Again, I would like to say thanks for all the support I have been getting from all of YOU readers! And if you have any suggestions as to what could or should be sold at the store, feel free to email me at

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What is a fashion blog without once mentioning Chanel?

Right now, I am preparing to open L.S. Illustrated boutique on and I am thinking of what kind of illustrations I would like to put up. I really, really wanted to do Chanel piece, because, although it is a bit cliche for me to say… it’s classic. But how do I portray Chanel in a way that is different, not just an image of a bag, or black and white?

I immediately thought of the quilted pattern that is so iconic. Yes…do that. Make the entire picture quilted.

Then, I began to do a little research on this Chanel 2.55 bag and there was so much more to it than I initially thought! 


  • The lining’s burgundy colour represents the colour of the uniforms at the convent where Coco Chanel grew up.
  • There is a zippered compartment at the inside of the front flap. That is where Chanel is rumoured to have stored her love letters in her original bag.
  • The bag has a quilted diamond or herringbone pattern on the exterior. Using a running stitch, this gives the bag shape and volume. The pattern is believed to have been inspired by several sources: by jockeys’ riding coats, the stained-glass windows of the abbey at Aubazine, as well as by the cushions in Chanel’s Paris apartment.

And my favourite

–Chanel, recognising that the modern women needed to have their hands free while attending social functions, designed a double chain shoulder strap, something common in downmarket products, but rare in luxury circles at the time. The chains were attached by leather-threaded chain inserted though eyelets. The caretakers of the convent she grew up at hold the keys at their waist dangling from the same type of chains as the 2.55 shoulder strap chains.–

The modern woman. She recognized what women needed in fashion and made it stylish.

That is why I needed to do an illustration on Chanel. I dream to be as smart as that lady 🙂

Now to explain the gigantic logo on the illustration…

I watch Gossip Girl and am in love with the Prada Marfa painting on the Van der Woodsen’s wall. Those who watch will know what I am talking about! It is just a humungous “Prada” on a canvas and I love it.  Hence, giant C’s! :p

 Happy Monday!!

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NEWS: Blogger Awards!

I have only been blogging my illustrations for a couple of months now and I am so  grateful for all the response I have been getting! It really inspires me to keep on going and trying to give something fun and interesting on each of my posts. This morning,  I got up to look at my blog and to my surprise I received not one, but three blogger award nominations by fellow bloggers, Becoming Elizabeth and Fab n Fun !! Thank you so much for thinking of me!

And thanks to all of my readers for all your support and I hope you continue reading! 🙂

So here are the rules for the awards:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post. (done!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire
4. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.


1.) Pretty much the only things I don’t eat are white asparagus and anything with the slightest bit of anise in it.

2.) I LOVE Dachshunds. I love them. I have two.

3.) I could eat Japanese food everyday.

4.) I recently attempted a 3 day juice cleanse. I lasted for less than 1 day. Food needs texture.

4.) I consider Manila, Vancouver and Madrid my homes and my dream is to one day spend my life traveling amongst the three.

5.) I love to go salsa dancing! It helps that my boyfriend is half Dominican!

6.) I love movies, television shows and tabloids!

7.) I have an enormous family and many of my best friends are my cousins.

I have nominated these people because I feel that their blogs deserve all these three awards! Thanks guys and keep on blogging and I know I will keep reading!

 So, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, The Illuminating Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award goes to:

I Love Green Inspiration – Love all her posts and I have gotten a few illustration inspirations from her!

Yasmin Cruz – Great fashion looks!

Style Bittersweet – Stylists blog! Awesome looks and I love her hair!

Moi Je Joue – A little bit of everything! She is a Flamenco dancer!

The Emerald Maiden – For literature lovers! My best friend’s blog and she always inspires me!

Fab n Fun – Love the blog and always gives great insight on my posts! Thanks! 🙂 She nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award but I am sending her a back atcha with the illuminating blogger and inspiring blogger awards!

Becoming Elizabeth – I always find something cool and different on her site! I want to give her the versatile blogger award!

La Saranovela – Fellow illustrator and Filipina (woot). Really well done comics with a message!

The Duke of Design – It is just so fun to read!

As Time Goes By – A one stop look at the latest trends

Sadie and Dasie – I just love the stuff posted on this blog! Especially the Interior Design posts

Thoughts of a Fashion Junkie – Features indie designers!

Chocolates and Raspberries – Love the fashion – Great tips on trends and accessories

Fashionably Under Budget – Very useful for when you can’t spend on expensive designers

Print and Pattern– Great finds! Especially love posts on ad campaigns!

LIFESTYLE: The Vespa Club – Rachel

Woohoo! I have finally graduated from my masters and it feels so great! And it came right on time because my best friend, Rachel, is coming to visit me from the Philippines in three days! This calls for another Vespa Club post! 🙂

This post is pretty much making Rachel my paper doll! We were talking about her upcoming trip and what clothes she should bring, since Madrid is starting to get extremely hot and dry….So jeans are usually the last option, unless you want to melt in the middle of the street! :p

In this picture, I put her alter ego in something that I have seen quite a bit this summer! And I think she would look amazing in it!  Maxi skirt, tucked in tee and leather belt…and she loves hats!

I really love the look. I have seen women of many different sizes and shapes with the outfit on and it seems to look great on almost everybody! It is so relaxed yet quite elegant.

Perfect for driving around the small streets of Madrid in your cream and tan scooter! 🙂

See you soon! x

LIFESTYLE: One for the sweet tooth

I haven’t posted anything about food in a while! I am wondering why because food is definitely on my list of the joys in life. I have decided to make up for it by posting what could be the equivalent of five food illustration posts put together! A pastry smorgasbord!  :p

I live across the street from one of the most famous bakeries in Madrid, El Horno San Onofre. It really inspired one of the illustrations I have been working on for a while! Although I am not much of a pastry person, I cannot help but dangle my tongue looking at all the gorgeous cakes and breads at the window of this place! You literally want to try every single thing  in the display — even if you have no idea what it is! — and live your entire life smelling the freshly baked bread oozing out of their ovens.

I totally eat with my eyes!  🙂

Having a small neighbourhood bakery that I could (and should) walk to and buy a fresh croissant every morning really makes me feel like I am living in Europe. It is a really small thing, but it is definitely something I will remember about Spain long after I have moved away.

So here is a little homage to Europe’s little delights! Since it is a little long (3 meters!!), I cut it up so you are able to see the detail!

***Nom nom nom! 😀

Full View

Left Detail

Center Detail

Right Detail

NEWS: Work in Progress – almost done!

Hi Everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a few days and I really feel bad about that! 😦

Remember when I spoke about a commission I was working on? If you didn’t read that post, (you can read it here), I was commissioned to do a mural for an office space in Manila! That is what I have been working one for the past few days, and I tell you, it has been really tricky! Making something that huge and keeping the quality and detail is not a piece of cake! 😦

 I promised you I’d show the work in progress! So here it is! I am almost done!! 🙂

What do you think?


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NEWS: Coming soon! The next step!

Hi everyone! How is everyone doing on this fine Saturday afternoon? I just came home from a HUGE lunch in Segovia with two of my cousins, and I have to say, it was pretty darned delicious!

Anyway, on to what I have to say.

I started this blog a few months ago in March. I didn’t really think it would come to anything more than a simple illustration blog, started by a student wanting to show her work and her interests to her friends and family. Little did I know how MUCH support I would be getting from all of you readers! You encourage me to thinking this could be a little bit more than just a blog, so thank you so much for all your support! 🙂 🙂

Now that I am thinking that this could be a little more than just a blog, it is time to take the next step. From the suggestions of a few friends and readers, I have decided to open up shop! 😀

This month, I will be opening up an online store and selling my original prints on!! It is still in the works but I am so excited I wanted to announce it a little sooner! ha! I will definitely make the announcement when the shop opens later this month!

This is SO exciting for me and I hope you will continue giving me all the support that you have over the past 3 months! If you have any favourite illustrations that you think I should make available in the store just shoot me an email or comment directly on this post!


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