Love, love the comments about L.S. on NinetoNine Furniture and Design´s blog! 🙂

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Some of you might remember that about 2 months ago we wrote about the beautiful blog L.S. Illustrated by Pia Ugarte (click here for a refresher)!

It didn’t take long for Pia’s incredible illustrations to garner tons of attention, and soon people were wondering how they could get a hold of her prints!

Now, we’re so proud to announce that the L.S. Illustrated online boutique is open for business on!

Each print is hand-drawn by the incredibly talented Pia Ugarte, and they are guaranteed to bring color and life to any space! They are the perfect way to welcome summer!

To see more prints, check out LS Illustrated’s blog right here, or go straight to her ETSY boutique to place an order!

If you like what she does, but have something specific in mind, you can always contact her and commission her do to a personal…

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  1. We love you too guvnah!

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