LIFESTYLE: The Vespa Club – Rachel

Woohoo! I have finally graduated from my masters and it feels so great! And it came right on time because my best friend, Rachel, is coming to visit me from the Philippines in three days! This calls for another Vespa Club post! 🙂

This post is pretty much making Rachel my paper doll! We were talking about her upcoming trip and what clothes she should bring, since Madrid is starting to get extremely hot and dry….So jeans are usually the last option, unless you want to melt in the middle of the street! :p

In this picture, I put her alter ego in something that I have seen quite a bit this summer! And I think she would look amazing in it!  Maxi skirt, tucked in tee and leather belt…and she loves hats!

I really love the look. I have seen women of many different sizes and shapes with the outfit on and it seems to look great on almost everybody! It is so relaxed yet quite elegant.

Perfect for driving around the small streets of Madrid in your cream and tan scooter! 🙂

See you soon! x


One thought on “LIFESTYLE: The Vespa Club – Rachel

  1. Congratulations that’s so great!! Also, I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a blogging award, check it out

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