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FASHION: A few new illustrations for Bybaya.com

Here are my latest illustrations for French fashion Blog, www.Bybaya.com

Click on the titles to view the full article (in French)…English version coming soon! 🙂

Le Polo de Ralph Lauren


La botte Aigle


Le Muse d’Yves Saint-Laurent


Les Spicy de Louis Vuitton


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Here is a portrait of a good friend and bag designer, Rocio Olbes!

Thought i’d try my hand in a pen and ink style! 🙂



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FASHION: DVF Carolina Lip Clutch and a Few Reasons Why She is Pretty Darned Legendary

I have recently become the biggest fan of Diane Von Furstenberg. Yes, I am a bit late on this one!

Not that I wasn´t a fan before, it´s just that lately, for some reason, I have become so aware of how much of a legend she is.

Here are a few reasons why…

 She was formerly known as Diane, PRINCESS of Fürstenberg — I´m still not sure if she had a pony…most likely. 

She has an Andy Warhol painting…of herself

She introduced an icon in women´s apparel….the wrap dress.

She is pretty much the most appropriate candidate to be any young career woman´s idol.


She has the best hair and wicked eyebrows.

In a nutshell, I want to be Diane Von Furstenberg when I grow up.

A big reason why I love her designs so much is that while being playful with so many patterns and colours, she still manages to make the wearer look elegant.

Which brings me to the Carolina Lip Clutch in her latest collection:  Playful yet Elegant…I really want this in my closet. Please Santa! I have been really good this year!

Footnote: What inspired her famous lip logo? Check out the article HERE

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LIFESTYLE: Beach Essentials

Raise your hand if any of you have gone to the beach and….

Wore the CUTEST bikini that you just bought for a jillion $$ and realized it cut the back of your neck.

Lost, bent, or scratched your best pair of shades because you forgot the case.

Got your face really, really burned.

I am not going to go on and on with a list of the worst beach mistakes ever made…By me! And trust me, I’ve made all these mistakes more than once including a scary burn on my nose that lasted for a week. I have learned my lesson..hopefully!

Having learned my lesson, I have made my own list the essential beach accessories I always have in hand for a worry free beach getaway. I don’t try to tell anybody what to wear and what not to wear, so the great thing about these items is that there is so much versatility to them that you can tweak each to suit you!


Nobody likes to constantly be fidgeting, untying and re-tying that painful strap around her neck the entire day! Take your time to find a bathing suit that rests comfortably on your body! Top heavy? Go for straps over your shoulders rather than a halter!

MY PICK: Calvin Klein bikinis. I love them so much that when I saw them on major sale, I bought one for myself and two more for my friends. They are comfortable and the straps are soft.


Literally, shades that you can toss or drop without saying aww f*@k when they land in the sand or the water…unfortunately I haven’t seen floating shades yet so bye, bye if they drop off a moving boat.

MY PICK: Wayfarers…SO durable…I’ve sat on, dropped and swam with them so many times I can’t count. They still look great


Wear a hat that lets you lay your head down properly. No one wants a stiff neck! AND as a friend of mine told me before I got burned…”wrinkles are real.” ….so wear a hat.

MY PICK: Panama hats…the good ones don’t lose their shape. Caps are great for a sporty look.


Yea okay we never want to know the time on a beach trip. But what if there is an emergency and you happen to need the time while you are in the middle of the ocean….wear a waterproof watch.

MY PICK: I love bright coloured watches this summer. I recently got a new Oxygen Sport – Lemon watch. Luhuuuve it! Have money to spend and want a watch for life? Rolex.


You need something to carry your sunblock and towel and chips!

MY PICK: Straw bag with long straps like THIS ONE


Get something waterproof, easy to walk in and can easily slip on and off your foot

MY PICK: Menorquinas (Also called Avarcas)…it gives a European twist and kicks the butt out of espadrilles! They literally shape to your foot the longer you wear them!

Hope you find this list useful! Everyone wants to look great at the beach, and part of looking great is being comfortable and not having to WORRY about whether you look great or not! You just do!

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What is a fashion blog without once mentioning Chanel?

Right now, I am preparing to open L.S. Illustrated boutique on Etsy.com and I am thinking of what kind of illustrations I would like to put up. I really, really wanted to do Chanel piece, because, although it is a bit cliche for me to say… it’s classic. But how do I portray Chanel in a way that is different, not just an image of a bag, or black and white?

I immediately thought of the quilted pattern that is so iconic. Yes…do that. Make the entire picture quilted.

Then, I began to do a little research on this Chanel 2.55 bag and there was so much more to it than I initially thought! 


  • The lining’s burgundy colour represents the colour of the uniforms at the convent where Coco Chanel grew up.
  • There is a zippered compartment at the inside of the front flap. That is where Chanel is rumoured to have stored her love letters in her original bag.
  • The bag has a quilted diamond or herringbone pattern on the exterior. Using a running stitch, this gives the bag shape and volume. The pattern is believed to have been inspired by several sources: by jockeys’ riding coats, the stained-glass windows of the abbey at Aubazine, as well as by the cushions in Chanel’s Paris apartment.

And my favourite

–Chanel, recognising that the modern women needed to have their hands free while attending social functions, designed a double chain shoulder strap, something common in downmarket products, but rare in luxury circles at the time. The chains were attached by leather-threaded chain inserted though eyelets. The caretakers of the convent she grew up at hold the keys at their waist dangling from the same type of chains as the 2.55 shoulder strap chains.–

The modern woman. She recognized what women needed in fashion and made it stylish.

That is why I needed to do an illustration on Chanel. I dream to be as smart as that lady 🙂

Now to explain the gigantic logo on the illustration…

I watch Gossip Girl and am in love with the Prada Marfa painting on the Van der Woodsen’s wall. Those who watch will know what I am talking about! It is just a humungous “Prada” on a canvas and I love it.  Hence, giant C’s! :p

 Happy Monday!!

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I am so happy to see that big straw totes are popping up all over the place this summer! Marc Jacobs and even Balenciaga have created their own versions!

What is funny is that,  I was having an interesting conversation with my pal, Cristina, from Ecuador. She said that these bags (the ones made and sold in Ecuador) are not so popular and are considered not so classy!

Which brings me to the question — although I do admire many big fashion designers–why do we need a brand name stuck to a piece of clothing for it to be worth something? Even when that thing is most likely made in our own backyard!

I know I´m guilty 🙂

Cristina was a few steps ahead of me on this matter! In her case, she is talking about the craftmanship of “Paja Toquilla,” a material native to Ecuador. You have most probably seen it because it is what Panama Hats are made from!

She dreams of creating sustainable fashion in Ecuador. She wants to create large tote bags —much like what we are seeing by Balenciaga–made from materials from Ecuador, by Ecuadorians.

Because she asked me and COMPLETELY support her dream, we drew up some of her ideas together!

Go Cristina! It is great what you are doing! And I only hope that everyone can think like you 😉

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LOOKBOOK: Beach Babe in Spain

So what do you do if you are living in the tropics and have been a bona-fide beach babe all your life, then eventually move to a place that witnesses all seasons? How do you dress??

My friend Tiffany has the style you are looking for! She grew up in the Philippines and recently moved to Spain. What does she do to keep the Summer feeling all year ’round? It’s as simple as the word, COLOUR. 🙂

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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Planning on putting all your Easter eggs in one basket? Why not sport a lovely woven tote instead of a traditional basket to put them in??

Bag:  Yellow woven sea grass tote by Marc Jacobs

Glasses: Asos

Scarf: Illustrator’s design

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FASHION / LOOKBOOK: It’s a Karl kind of day

I’ve always found Karl Lagerfeld to be a very interesting character. Always, and I mean always dressed in black and white, with his signature black shades intrigues me. I remember a casual conversation of mine with some friends and hearing about his obsession with weight and how none of his parties ever have food! Does anyone know whether that is true??

Well, this morning, I was flipping through the April 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and there I found a cool little 2 page view into Mr. Lagerfeld’s day! I loved it! He certainly is a character and he had pretty interesting….and as some may say eccentric things to say!

So here is my tribute to Karl Lagerfeld and a little Lookbook entry on how to sport his look day to day! There are also a few little add ons at the bottom from the Harper’s Bazaar article!

If anyone is interested in reading the entire article, you can find it in the April 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Mila Kunis) pg. 93 to 94 “My List: Karl Lagerfeld in 24 Hours” As told to by Kristina O’Neill

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