LIFESTYLE: One for the sweet tooth

I haven’t posted anything about food in a while! I am wondering why because food is definitely on my list of the joys in life. I have decided to make up for it by posting what could be the equivalent of five food illustration posts put together! A pastry smorgasbord!  :p

I live across the street from one of the most famous bakeries in Madrid, El Horno San Onofre. It really inspired one of the illustrations I have been working on for a while! Although I am not much of a pastry person, I cannot help but dangle my tongue looking at all the gorgeous cakes and breads at the window of this place! You literally want to try every single thing  in the display — even if you have no idea what it is! — and live your entire life smelling the freshly baked bread oozing out of their ovens.

I totally eat with my eyes!  🙂

Having a small neighbourhood bakery that I could (and should) walk to and buy a fresh croissant every morning really makes me feel like I am living in Europe. It is a really small thing, but it is definitely something I will remember about Spain long after I have moved away.

So here is a little homage to Europe’s little delights! Since it is a little long (3 meters!!), I cut it up so you are able to see the detail!

***Nom nom nom! 😀

Full View

Left Detail

Center Detail

Right Detail


One thought on “LIFESTYLE: One for the sweet tooth

  1. A. Ugarte says:

    I can smell the pastries and brings back my memories of Spain too…love the illustrations P!

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