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This post is dedicated to all my girlfriends! 🙂

So, here in Madrid, it is a long weekend…I have no school until Thursday! Woohooo! ….and almost everyone is out of town! What am I going to do for the next two days? No idea!

I know what I would love to do though! Since I am really missing a few people at the moment….

**wishful thinking!**

Get myself a Mini convertible, take a road trip to the beach with my girlfriends, listen to great music and great conversation! What could be better than that? 🙂

Since I obviously can’t quite do that just yet…I just…well…I drew it! :p

Happy Puente Madrilenos! And big hugs to my all my girls!

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FASHION: Yassine Rahal

A little more of my obsession with curly hair!…and the word “awesome.”

LINK TO “Le Blog de Samuel Haick”

LINK TO Yassine Rahal’s photos by Samuel Haick – 1 2

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FASHION: BVLGARI–The Emerald Maiden

“Who so loves believes the impossible.” – Barrett Browning

This is a post for all the romantics out there.

Why romance? Because the person in this portrait is the true romantic (and gave me the quote!), my dearest friend Rachel. I have been wanting to do a sketch of this lady for so long but never found the right way to portray her…until now!

This afternoon, I listened to a seminar all about BVLGARI jewelry and got pretty inspired. When I think of vintage Bvlgari pieces – such as these emerald earrings – I can’t not think of romance!

Rachel is a writer and a poet (although she has yet to show any of her work to anyone — we’re waiting!) …so I illustrated her as the maiden that all the great poets wrote about!

I hope you like it!

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LOOKBOOK: Beach Babe in Spain

So what do you do if you are living in the tropics and have been a bona-fide beach babe all your life, then eventually move to a place that witnesses all seasons? How do you dress??

My friend Tiffany has the style you are looking for! She grew up in the Philippines and recently moved to Spain. What does she do to keep the Summer feeling all year ’round? It’s as simple as the word, COLOUR. 🙂

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LIFESTYLE: Macaron on Steroids

**Food has been on the brain lately**

Yes, I’m doing it! Another blog posting about French Macarons!

But they taste so good and are so pretty! Here is a little something you should look for if you are looking for something a little more than a little macaron! 🙂


You can find Pierre Herme Boutiques in a few other locations! Click here and see if there is one near you!

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POSTCARD: Salt Tasting Room: Gastown, Vancouver

The Salt Tasting Room is definitely my favourite restaurant in Vancouver! Possibly on the list of my favourite restaurants ever! Hey, I am not a food critic, but if you are in Vancouver, Salt is definitely a must!

It is located in Gastown’s historic Blood Alley…don’t let the name scare you, and specializes in wine, cheese and meat pairings.

The menu is simple! The guests assemble their own tasting plate from the menu or special items written on the chalk board on the back wall of the restaurant. You will never have the same experience twice!

Not sure what wine to order with what cheese? Just order one of the tasting menus and let the specially trained staff do the work for you! They really know their stuff! 🙂

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FASHION: The Magic of YSL

For my friend Ysabel…who somehow manages to be in 5 countries in 3 days!

I found out how she does it! hehehe


I once had a friend named Ysabel,

Who constantly traveled and loved to wear YSL,

 Sometimes I wondered, when she was somewhere over yonder,

 how in the world she got there!!!

….it’s the shoes

Meanwhile…at Ysabel’s house….

Magical shoes aren’t they?? 🙂

SHOES: Yves Saint Laurent Trib Too High Heel Pump in Red Patent Leather

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This is dedicated to my cousin Marga. She probably has the best humour out of everyone I know.

“I could never own a Vespa because I would kill myself falling off!” She said to me a few times. That said, she is very clumsy! 😀 …But the great thing about illustration is that you can be anything you want! So what I did was make her character the coolest, least clumsy person on the planet!

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As a few of you might know, I lived in Vancouver, BC for about 5 years and I consider it as one of my homes. It is such a great, young city and I am so glad people got to know it a lot more during the 2010 Winter Olympics! I have not visited in a few years and boy, do I miss it and my family and friends that live there.

During my last year in Vancouver, my brother rented a condo right downtown on the corner of Burrard St. and Smithe St…..and like all loving sisters, I spent many nights crashing at his place! Best part of it was the location…

Downstairs was a theater, a Starbucks Coffee, shopping and…who can forget…the never ending line to JAPADOG!

How I miss Japadog! A combination of an American classic and Japanese flavours. You used to find the stand on only a few corners of Downtown Vancouver…recently they opened up shop in New York! Lucky New Yorkers!

So if you are ever visiting Vancouver…search for these happy little stands, grab a Terimayo and trust me, you will not regret it! Even if it is probably going to be raining! :p

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This is dedicated to my cousin, Karina who always makes me laugh and never fails to put me in a good mood! 🙂 …. Here is Karina riding Bumblebee’s kid sister. (Yes I went there)

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