As a few of you might know, I lived in Vancouver, BC for about 5 years and I consider it as one of my homes. It is such a great, young city and I am so glad people got to know it a lot more during the 2010 Winter Olympics! I have not visited in a few years and boy, do I miss it and my family and friends that live there.

During my last year in Vancouver, my brother rented a condo right downtown on the corner of Burrard St. and Smithe St…..and like all loving sisters, I spent many nights crashing at his place! Best part of it was the location…

Downstairs was a theater, a Starbucks Coffee, shopping and…who can forget…the never ending line to JAPADOG!

How I miss Japadog! A combination of an American classic and Japanese flavours. You used to find the stand on only a few corners of Downtown Vancouver…recently they opened up shop in New York! Lucky New Yorkers!

So if you are ever visiting Vancouver…search for these happy little stands, grab a Terimayo and trust me, you will not regret it! Even if it is probably going to be raining! :p

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3 thoughts on “POSTCARD: JAPADOG STAND – Vancouver, BC

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