FASHION: BVLGARI–The Emerald Maiden

“Who so loves believes the impossible.” – Barrett Browning

This is a post for all the romantics out there.

Why romance? Because the person in this portrait is the true romantic (and gave me the quote!), my dearest friend Rachel. I have been wanting to do a sketch of this lady for so long but never found the right way to portray her…until now!

This afternoon, I listened to a seminar all about BVLGARI jewelry and got pretty inspired. When I think of vintage Bvlgari pieces – such as these emerald earrings – I can’t not think of romance!

Rachel is a writer and a poet (although she has yet to show any of her work to anyone — we’re waiting!) …so I illustrated her as the maiden that all the great poets wrote about!

I hope you like it!

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