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NEWS: Find My Work On A New French Fashion Blog

Hi everyone! I have been dying to share this news with you all and I finally get to spread the news! There is a new French fashion blog in town and I am the official illustrator!

Let me introduce you to, www.ByBaya.com! Based in Paris, ByBaya is the brain child of writer and fashionista, Berenice Foussard – Nakache. It talks about all aspects of fashion, from history, icons and trendsetters to items you just need to have! I am so DELIGHTED to be contributing!

It is written entirely in French, but hopefully, to those of you who don’t speak the language (like myself) will let the photos and illustrations speak for themselves! Plus, pretty much everything sounds better in French am I right? 🙂

So check out the blog HERE , and for updates on posts, please like ByBaya’s Facebook page HERE!

Here are a few of the many illustrations I have contributed to By Baya!

La robe portefeuille de Diane Von Furstenberg

La saharienne d’Yves Saint-Laurent

Les Stilettos de Sergio Rossi

Les ballerines BB de Repetto

L’oreille absolue


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FASHION: BVLGARI–The Emerald Maiden

“Who so loves believes the impossible.” – Barrett Browning

This is a post for all the romantics out there.

Why romance? Because the person in this portrait is the true romantic (and gave me the quote!), my dearest friend Rachel. I have been wanting to do a sketch of this lady for so long but never found the right way to portray her…until now!

This afternoon, I listened to a seminar all about BVLGARI jewelry and got pretty inspired. When I think of vintage Bvlgari pieces – such as these emerald earrings – I can’t not think of romance!

Rachel is a writer and a poet (although she has yet to show any of her work to anyone — we’re waiting!) …so I illustrated her as the maiden that all the great poets wrote about!

I hope you like it!

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