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Hi All! Here are a few of my new illustrations that appeared on www.Bybaya.com this month! Sit tight for the English version!

J.P Loafers de Tod’s



Le Carré Hermès



La Chuck Taylor All Star de Converse


Les douze robes importables de Paco Rabanne




La robe Mondrian d’Yves Saint-Laurent



Les ballerines Souris de Marc Jacobs


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LOOKBOOK: Beach Babe in Spain

So what do you do if you are living in the tropics and have been a bona-fide beach babe all your life, then eventually move to a place that witnesses all seasons? How do you dress??

My friend Tiffany has the style you are looking for! She grew up in the Philippines and recently moved to Spain. What does she do to keep the Summer feeling all year ’round? It’s as simple as the word, COLOUR. 🙂

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LIFESTYLE: “Through My Lens” – Mariana De Saro

I first met Mariana a couple of weeks ago, in Madrid. We were introduced by her cousin, Maria, whom I had featured in my Lookbook a little while ago. You know how sometimes, when you meet someone, you would almost rather go to a dentist appointment than continue with the meal? With Mariana, this was definitely NOT the case. We got along like peas and carrots! She had the most joie de vivre than anyone I have met in a while….it was quite infectious. I HAD to feature her on my blog! So here it is! 🙂

Oh! And did I forget to mention that she is a photographer? A wedding photographer! And a great one at that. Being the face of Pierce Lifestyle Photo, Mariana’s work gives you anything but typical ho hum wedding photos!

Hey, and from what goes on behind her lens, I really don’t doubt it…No ho hum here!

Illustration without text

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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Planning on putting all your Easter eggs in one basket? Why not sport a lovely woven tote instead of a traditional basket to put them in??

Bag:  Yellow woven sea grass tote by Marc Jacobs

Glasses: Asos

Scarf: Illustrator’s design

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LOOKBOOK: “Beach/Snow/Beach/Snow”

Let’s take a look at musician, dreamer and my favourite space cadet, Elena Rohmoser’s personal style.

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ACCESSORIES: Play with colour

There is nothing I love more than seeing an all white canvas with bursts of colour. I saw this all white + colour look featured on The Sartorialist and I instantly fell in love with it. There is so much to play with here. I will definitely sport it once the summer starts kicking in.

Here are a couple of ways to play with your coloured accessories!

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LOOKBOOK: Spring Basics

My must haves for Spring strolls

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