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FASHION: DVF Carolina Lip Clutch and a Few Reasons Why She is Pretty Darned Legendary

I have recently become the biggest fan of Diane Von Furstenberg. Yes, I am a bit late on this one!

Not that I wasn´t a fan before, it´s just that lately, for some reason, I have become so aware of how much of a legend she is.

Here are a few reasons why…

 She was formerly known as Diane, PRINCESS of Fürstenberg — I´m still not sure if she had a pony…most likely. 

She has an Andy Warhol painting…of herself

She introduced an icon in women´s apparel….the wrap dress.

She is pretty much the most appropriate candidate to be any young career woman´s idol.


She has the best hair and wicked eyebrows.

In a nutshell, I want to be Diane Von Furstenberg when I grow up.

A big reason why I love her designs so much is that while being playful with so many patterns and colours, she still manages to make the wearer look elegant.

Which brings me to the Carolina Lip Clutch in her latest collection:  Playful yet Elegant…I really want this in my closet. Please Santa! I have been really good this year!

Footnote: What inspired her famous lip logo? Check out the article HERE

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NEWS: Find My Work On A New French Fashion Blog

Hi everyone! I have been dying to share this news with you all and I finally get to spread the news! There is a new French fashion blog in town and I am the official illustrator!

Let me introduce you to,! Based in Paris, ByBaya is the brain child of writer and fashionista, Berenice Foussard – Nakache. It talks about all aspects of fashion, from history, icons and trendsetters to items you just need to have! I am so DELIGHTED to be contributing!

It is written entirely in French, but hopefully, to those of you who don’t speak the language (like myself) will let the photos and illustrations speak for themselves! Plus, pretty much everything sounds better in French am I right? 🙂

So check out the blog HERE , and for updates on posts, please like ByBaya’s Facebook page HERE!

Here are a few of the many illustrations I have contributed to By Baya!

La robe portefeuille de Diane Von Furstenberg

La saharienne d’Yves Saint-Laurent

Les Stilettos de Sergio Rossi

Les ballerines BB de Repetto

L’oreille absolue


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LOOKBOOK: It’s A Guy-Girl Thing

I admit that every woman wearing her man’s shirt will look sexy, no fail.

But what about when she wears her man’s…everything? Well, a few things 🙂

Having said that, today’s long overdue lookbook entry features an outfit that I absolutely love for the Fall! It also celebrates the fact that that women can indeed, do anything, including wear clothes that were originally made for men….and make them look sexier! Yey girls! 🙂


These first appeared in 1928 and sold for $5 at the Harley Davidson Store in New York. Since then, it was worn by icons such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. In 1970, the one and only Ms. Debbie Harry cut off the sleeves and the rest is style history.


Nothing mysterious about the origin of these boots! They were originally worn by working men on a construction site! Steel-toed Timberlands anyone? 🙂 When the first prototype for women came out, I do not exactly know, but they are surprisingly feminine for an originally masculine shoe. I love this pair of Panama Jacks.


“Blue jeans” made from denim or dungaree, invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, was originally made for cowboys. Not until the 1950’s did it become popular among teenagers.

With this look, If the boot is slim around the ankles, go for extra long skinny jeans then roll them up a little for a slight cuff to go over the boot.

If the boot has a large tongue, tuck the jeans in.


Hehe okay, not originally for men, but you must add a touch of your femininity to your “all guy” outfit. In my case, it is a classic turtleneck.

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LIFESTYLE: The Art of the Long Morning

I cannot deny that given the chance, I could sleep straight into the afternoon without even trying! My boyfriend actually envies the fact that I can “catch up on sleep” 5 days in a row.

However, for a person that has the ability to sleep like a hibernating bear, I truly relish the days I wake up at a decent hour and have a truly “long morning” …

So what exactly do I mean when I say “long morning?”

Everyone has their own way of doing it. I, for example, take two hours to finish my coffee…and I don’t mind it getting cold. I still drink it.

One of my friends makes breakfast, does the laundry and watches a TV show, the other takes a nice shower. The long morning is quality time with yourself, and once you have mastered it, you will cherish it just as much as I do.

Tips to a successful long morning:

First: Make sure you don’t have any really pressing obligations, like an exam or meeting! Eep!

Wake up no later than 10am and do not do any work before 2pm

Don’t sleep in TOO late…the whole point of the long morning is…well…the morning!

Nix the drinks the night before

Need I say more? Hangovers kinda suck.


Wear a comfy sweater or PJ’s

Forget the contact lenses if you have glasses

And best of all…

Make the best cup of coffee (or tea) evarr!

So how do you guys relax in the mornings?

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