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LIFESTYLE: The Art of the Long Morning

I cannot deny that given the chance, I could sleep straight into the afternoon without even trying! My boyfriend actually envies the fact that I can “catch up on sleep” 5 days in a row.

However, for a person that has the ability to sleep like a hibernating bear, I truly relish the days I wake up at a decent hour and have a truly “long morning” …

So what exactly do I mean when I say “long morning?”

Everyone has their own way of doing it. I, for example, take two hours to finish my coffee…and I don’t mind it getting cold. I still drink it.

One of my friends makes breakfast, does the laundry and watches a TV show, the other takes a nice shower. The long morning is quality time with yourself, and once you have mastered it, you will cherish it just as much as I do.

Tips to a successful long morning:

First: Make sure you don’t have any really pressing obligations, like an exam or meeting! Eep!

Wake up no later than 10am and do not do any work before 2pm

Don’t sleep in TOO late…the whole point of the long morning is…well…the morning!

Nix the drinks the night before

Need I say more? Hangovers kinda suck.


Wear a comfy sweater or PJ’s

Forget the contact lenses if you have glasses

And best of all…

Make the best cup of coffee (or tea) evarr!

So how do you guys relax in the mornings?

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NEWS (ish): Work in Progress

Hi everyone!

So I haven’t posted on my blog in a few days! I have been caught up with work, school and life in general! Also I have been working on a large scale project that has been taking up a a lot of my time! I have been asked to do a mural for a new office in the Philippines! —so it is REALLY large scale!–and I am so excited.

Considering I do all my sketches on my ipad and I have an ancient computer to work with, creating something this large has been a great and challenging task and who knows how it will even look as a mural!

Since this blog IS about my work…I would love to share with you my work in progress (smaller version of course! :p ).

It is pretty straight forward and is a total mish mosh of my inspirations…Cafes in Paris and Madrid, walks on a nice spring day, my love for animals….and also you will find a few renditions of my favourite looks from The Sartorialist. 🙂

So there it is…just a few more people sipping coffees and strolling down the street then voila! (cross fingers!)

 I am kind of digging the lack of colour in the background! :)…what do you think?

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LIFESTYLE: Taking it easy — Little cafes are all around

This morning I woke up pretty early, well earlier than usual. Since I am in one of the prettiest cities in Europe (Madrid) I decided to go grab a coffee and croissant at the little cafe downstairs to do some work. So here I am with my laptop, people watching…kind of. I am inside –the weather is chilly this morning.

This is what I love so much about Europe. The best coffee can be found at a cafe downstairs.

Here is a little sketch I did inspired by a little cafe I visited on my first trip to Paris.

If you fancy a little background music, here is a little tune that I love!  

 Sympathique by Pink Martini

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