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“A balanced diet is a slice of cake in each hand.” 

Indeed it is! I would like to present to you all the new website of my dear friend and fabulous cake maker, Maria Dolonius! I was so delighted when she asked me to do the illustrations for this new venture of hers and had no doubt it would be super chic, simple and classy!

You can order a “Couture” Cake inspired by your favourite designer! She has already done an Alexander McQueen!

AND you can pick from flavours like Spiced Carrot and Lemon Poppyseed! I get fat thinking about it all! 🙂

So if any of you in the Philippines are having a party and need a great cake centerpiece, visit

Ingrid Maria Cakes!

Congratulations Maria! I hope the world gets to taste all your delicious goodies!

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I have been a little MIA over this past month. What can you do? summer makes many people MIA…especially in Spain! It’s such a different life in Europe. Vacations are sacred! It’s fantastic (when you’re on vacation!)

Anyway, in the past few weeks, I received TWO wedding announcements!! One of my best friends, and my cousin are getting married next year! And next year isn’t so far away! Weddings are really hard work, you have to think of minute details…from table settings, colour schemes, all the way down to your shoes…

I always ask myself what kind of wedding shoes would I wear! I guess it really depends where you are!

Guest Poster Andrew Wenzel gives us the when and where / do’s and don’ts of your “I do” shoe!

Depending on the type of bride you will be, the location of your wedding might help decide your style. With the dress—anything goes (just avoid heavy lace or velvet covering your body in an outdoor summer wedding). With the shoes—consider the terrain.

Meadow or Lawn Wedding

If you are walking down the aisle across a damp grassy knoll, save your stilettos for the after party or you may find yourself sunk, stuck or shoeless. There would be nothing worse than taking a fall in front of everyone. Consider flats for this type of ceremony. Whether you’re a romantic, shabby chic or wild bride, there are a wide variety of specialty slippers to consider for the special walk down the aisle.

If your heart is set on the new 3-inch high Christian Louboutin Cinderella slippers, try heel stoppers. This small invention makes a big difference by allowing you to keep standing tall in your stilettos. Heel stoppers are little attachments that widen the base of your heel allowing you to walk on grass and helping you avoid tripping on cracks. They can be adorned with stones and color to parallel your style.

Beach Bride

Avoid getting sand in your shoes by wearing either special flip flops or ballet slippers when sharing your vows near the sea. You can also simply go barefoot. Although an open-toe shoe is typically a “don’t” for the bride at her wedding ceremony, it’s perfectly acceptable to adorn your perfectly manicured feet with foot jewelry. Jewels are strung on an elastic strap that loops around your ankle and toe. Light and comfortable, foot jewelry, or “barefoot sandals,” is the perfect answer for the beach bride. Let the sand cushion your stroll to the alter.

Cobblestone Street

When marrying on cobblestone streets or stone walkways, consider wearing slings or classic pumps. With super-thin heels, you run the risk of looking clumsy on these ancient, uneven streets. There is still a lot you can do, even with shoe restrictions. The “shoe world” is your oyster, as far as style goes. You might consider your shoes be the good luck token of the “something blue” wedding tradition and choose a pale blue Prada sling or a Badgley Mischka cobalt peep toe.

Rain or Shine

This wedding is going to happen come rain or shine. If there is the slightest chance of rain, avoid velvet, suede or any other material that might be ruined if it gets wet. Think about what fabrics and textures work in different types of environment. If you’re getting married in a small space or on a rocky terrain, avoid patent leather because it can get easily scraped.  

No matter the terrain you choose for your special day, be sure your shoes fit, are comfortable and appropriate. Go wild with color, studs and glitter. Unlike your wedding dress, you can wear these shoes again and again. The place to express yourself is under the dress. And, really, anything goes.

Thanks Andrew for your great post!

Have a great article you want illustrated??  Email me at

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