“A balanced diet is a slice of cake in each hand.” 

Indeed it is! I would like to present to you all the new website of my dear friend and fabulous cake maker, Maria Dolonius! I was so delighted when she asked me to do the illustrations for this new venture of hers and had no doubt it would be super chic, simple and classy!

You can order a “Couture” Cake inspired by your favourite designer! She has already done an Alexander McQueen!

AND you can pick from flavours like Spiced Carrot and Lemon Poppyseed! I get fat thinking about it all! 🙂

So if any of you in the Philippines are having a party and need a great cake centerpiece, visit

Ingrid Maria Cakes!

Congratulations Maria! I hope the world gets to taste all your delicious goodies!

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One thought on “NEWS: “LET THEM EAT CAKE”

  1. Msanhle says:

    wow your friend’s website layout is so beautiful! Love at 1st sight 🙂

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