FASHION: The Two Sides of Givenchy











I was reading the recent July 2012 issue of VOGUE and I loved the editorial they did on Emma Stone. My opinion, she is a great actress! So charming and I really enjoy her movies. My friend told me yesterday, “She is great at doing Lindsey Lohan’s old job as Hollywood’s redhead.” Indeed she is! Ten fold! 

Anyway, back to the editorial, I loved it, especially how they dressed her up in a crazy, boyish dandy look. (Post about that look to come!) What really caught my eye  though, was the Givenchy dress she was wearing and how I am really loving the “lingerie outside of the bedroom” thing! What do you guys think? Too risque? Or would you totally wear it to a cocktail party?

See the entire Givenchy collection HERE.

ALSO! Now that you have seen the dress on the runway and on Emma stone, what are your opinions on the dress if you ONLY saw the runway version? Do you prefer VOGUE’s angelic portrayal or Givenchy’s homage to the gothic?? Opinions? 🙂



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