I am so happy to see that big straw totes are popping up all over the place this summer! Marc Jacobs and even Balenciaga have created their own versions!

What is funny is that,  I was having an interesting conversation with my pal, Cristina, from Ecuador. She said that these bags (the ones made and sold in Ecuador) are not so popular and are considered not so classy!

Which brings me to the question — although I do admire many big fashion designers–why do we need a brand name stuck to a piece of clothing for it to be worth something? Even when that thing is most likely made in our own backyard!

I know I´m guilty 🙂

Cristina was a few steps ahead of me on this matter! In her case, she is talking about the craftmanship of “Paja Toquilla,” a material native to Ecuador. You have most probably seen it because it is what Panama Hats are made from!

She dreams of creating sustainable fashion in Ecuador. She wants to create large tote bags —much like what we are seeing by Balenciaga–made from materials from Ecuador, by Ecuadorians.

Because she asked me and COMPLETELY support her dream, we drew up some of her ideas together!

Go Cristina! It is great what you are doing! And I only hope that everyone can think like you 😉

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