NEWS (ish): Work in Progress

Hi everyone!

So I haven’t posted on my blog in a few days! I have been caught up with work, school and life in general! Also I have been working on a large scale project that has been taking up a a lot of my time! I have been asked to do a mural for a new office in the Philippines! —so it is REALLY large scale!–and I am so excited.

Considering I do all my sketches on my ipad and I have an ancient computer to work with, creating something this large has been a great and challenging task and who knows how it will even look as a mural!

Since this blog IS about my work…I would love to share with you my work in progress (smaller version of course! :p ).

It is pretty straight forward and is a total mish mosh of my inspirations…Cafes in Paris and Madrid, walks on a nice spring day, my love for animals….and also you will find a few renditions of my favourite looks from The Sartorialist. 🙂

So there it is…just a few more people sipping coffees and strolling down the street then voila! (cross fingers!)

 I am kind of digging the lack of colour in the background! :)…what do you think?

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One thought on “NEWS (ish): Work in Progress

  1. […] when I spoke about a commission I was working on? If you didn’t read that post, (you can read it here), I was commissioned to do a mural for an office space in Manila! That is what I have been working […]

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